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Welcome to the [community profile] outsiders test drive meme! You can use this post to tag with characters you're interested in bringing to the game or who you'd like to try out in the setting.

Please set all threads in one of three areas: the landing zone, where your character get off the shuttle upon arrival; the markets, where your character might run into any of the station's alien population; or in the residential district they'll be staying in.

φ Please give the name and canon of your character in the subject line! OCs (including Mass Effect OCs) and AUs are welcome.
φ You may use threads from this post as a log sample, so long as it has at least 5 of your comments in action tags or prose.
φ If you app in later, you can keep CR from this meme if both players agree to it OOCly, and so long as you keep interactions to these starting areas.
φ Apps and reserves and are always open! Our next processing round runs from 4/20 through 4/26.
φ You can find more information on our setting here, and our navigation is here!
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shrieks and places hands over face

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[ Arthur's still holding onto his Sacrosanct armor - the Eclipse armor is newer, for sure, but paints a target onto his back a mile wide, and he knows that discretion is the better part of valor, here.

Still, as he's talking to a vendor about their assault rifles, he sees someone nudge someone else, a flash of color and tailoring that seems a bit out of place, and he turns his head -

Catches sight of a worn jacket that he recognizes, and well, that hair style.

He begs off from talking to the volus and turns to catch up to the person. The closer he gets, the surer he is, when he sees the breadth of the shoulders and the few-days-old stubble. He reaches out, catching a shoulder to turn them around, bracing for disappointment but hoping - ]

Eames. [ It's equal parts confused, exasperated and relieved. Is that a credits card in his hand? ]
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contain yourself!!

[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-19 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
[ Not anymore, as what was once in Eames' hand is now deftly slipped into his jacket sleeve- more out of habit than any true intention to hide it from Arthur. Someone who didn't know Eames, didn't know what to look for, or why a credits card in his possession would seem out of place, wouldn't have even noticed.

It says something that Eames trusts Arthur not to endanger them by saying anything- at least, not right this moment.

The quirk to his mouth is that of a coconspirator, like he planned this trip to wherever the bleeding hell they are instead of blinking himself out of existence and into this would-be dream world. ( Nightmare is more like it, if Eames recalls correctly. ) The brow that raises at the hand on his shoulder, however, is entirely goading.

Miss me something terrible, then?
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no /explodes

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Don't flatter yourself.

[ The response is quick to rise off his tongue, his hand slipping away from Eames' shoulder. The truth is, yes, he was glad to see Eames, and he know that Eames knows. He would be glad to see anyone from his world, but especially because Eames has been and gone already, once. It's like watching something slip through his fingers. ]

It's been nearly a year. I would be happy to see Nash at this point.

[ Okay, Nash might be pushing it, but the point still stands - to put some space between Eames' goading and his reaction.

He's quick to change the subject, trying to deflect attention. ]

You just get here?
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cries and attempts piecing you back together

[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-19 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
[ A crinkle of Eames' nose is all Arthur gets for expanding the parameters enough to land Eames in the same theoretical category as Nash, because realistically, no one is ever happy to see Nash. He's cataloguing Arthur's face, looking for a change in hair style or lines etching themselves into the corners of his eyes, before Eames fully realizes why exactly he's doing it.

A year?

Eames hasn't been counting the days- as a matter of fact, he's been trying to forget the memory of Sacrosanct as thoroughly as he can- but he can say without a doubt that it hasn't been nearly a year since Arthur'd dragged his bloody arse through the halls to safety. It throws Eames off his mental balance to think of Arthur spinning around up here for months on end, living quite literally a different life while Eames went about his regularly scheduled debaucheries, ignoring his email for lack of a more mature way to deal with things.

Not quite literally just. I've had some time to observe the locals- [ and the interior of their pockets, coincidentally. ] Although any pressing details you feel inclined to provide on behalf of my general wellbeing are more than welcome, as always.
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[ That'll get cleared up soon enough - Arthur's not sure this is the same Eames that met up with him in Sacrosanct. And barring that one week, he hasn't seen anyone else from his home. Hell, he almost barely counts Eames as having been seen, so it feels like a year.

Still, he gives a quick quirk of his brow when Eames talks about observing the locals - he has a feeling that he knows exactly what that entails.

Also, he's feeling a little satisfied at needling Eames by lumping him in with Nash. ]

The guys with four eyes hate humans, and the big guys hate everyone. [ He can't help the little smirk he lets cross his face. ] So don't take it too personally, and don't get too friendly with them.

Otherwise, it's a mining station on a stripped-down astroid. So everyone's doing there own thing now, and a lot of it involves mercenary work or killing people.

[ He's reminded of his Eclipse armor but tries not to let it show on his face. ]

What's the last thing you remember?
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[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-19 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Has telling me not to do something ever worked out well for you? [ That he fails to mention it rarely works out well for either of them is beyond the scope of the question, in Eames' humble opinion.

Regardless, Eames points, this way then that, and starts walking when Arthur gives him a short nod in the direction they should walk in.
] An astroid now, is it? I thought this place looked different. No teleporters, and more... [ Eames spares a pointed look as a very large, very blue species lumbers through the crowd, snarling or quite possibly just breathing heavily from the exertion of moving his own body mass. ] Interesting characters.

[ When they're out of the thick of bodies moving through the market, each afforded a modicum of elbow room, Eames shoves his hands in his pockets- letting the stolen card slip into his jacket pocket to settle next to the rest; three, in total. ] If you're wanting to warn me that this isn't a dream, I can assure you once is enough. As for where I was- well, lets just hope that time works differently up here- wherever that is, or I am going to have some very angry Québécoise to deal with.
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i threw that line in just for ou

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It's not impossible to teach an old cat new tricks.

[ Arthur tosses that out, because the visual of Eames as an old cat is too good to pass up, as well as calling him old. Arthur nods them away from the markets, gun purchase forgotten for the moment, and watches the Krogan move past them before they exit the markets. ]

You remember. [ Arthur sounds a little surprised but not much at the knowledge that Eames remembers his little trip to Sacrosanct. ] That's at least one less thing to catch you up on.

[ The mention of the job in Canada makes Arthur shoot him a look that might be called wistful. He's been without a PASIV for nearly a year now. ] My kind of job, or your kind of job?
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[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-20 04:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[ A juvenile comeback involving Arthur's lap and old cats springs quickly to mind, but the memory of Arthur giving in and holding his hand, slippery and limp from blood loss, stays the comment on Eames' tongue. Maybe with enough time, he'll be able to riff off that jokingly without worrying he won't sound genuine.

Eames nods,
] Not old enough to forget that yet, as it happens. Dare I ask why the relocation?

[ He doesn't really want to know if it involves those things coming back, tearing through the ship like they did when he was there and killing everyone on board. Even if Eames only knew two people on Sacrosanct, both of whom he's already run into, it takes a particular kind of person to turn a blind eye to a slaughter.

Oh, what a look, Arthur. Some people might say there is something wrong with getting wide eyed and wistful over a job. ( Those people don't know what its like to wake up remembering a bullet between the eyes. )
] Our kind of job; though considerably lower profile. Few have your flair for the pomp and circumstance, darling.

[ Pot, meet kettle. ]
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It wasn't intentional.

[ That's a grudging admittance, as he keeps walking, keeping a more sedate pace. He's slowly winding them away from the markets, towards one of the less-populated areas. ]

The AI that was on the station, he found a way to send us home - said it might not work right. York and Wash were already gone, so I decided to go, but I ended up here.

[ He shrugs his shoulders, a what can you do, and raises his wrist to check his omni-tool for messages. ]

Doesn't sound like a very fun job then. [ But Arthur hides a grin, giving Eames only a twich of his lips. ] There's no equivalent for it on this station, and I don't have a PASIV. Had to join a mercenary group to start making more than minimum wage.

[ The look he shoots heavenward speaks volumes on what he thinks of lowering himself to that, but he does what needs must. ]
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[ Discount the rather obviously alien creatures and the high vaulted ceilings, darkened with oil or age or something else entirely, and Eames can almost say this feels normal. A lazy stroll through an open space, making it impossible to be overheard, affording a multitude of escape routes if ambushed; each man catching the other up on the pertinent events that could affect their current situation. For all the imagination Arthur lacks, it can never be said that he doesn't take the proverbial curveball in a flawless stride.

He quirks a brow at the information about York.
] Were you the only one to end up here?

[ Yes, Eames ran into her earlier, but it may not be worth telling Arthur if she's just shown up, like himself, or if she's been flying under his radar for some reason. ( You don't get to Eames' place in the scheme of things by running your mouth unnecessarily. )

Amusement, bright and familiar, bubbles up in Eames at the exasperated look Arthur sends to the soot-stained ceiling. He can't take any credit for Arthur's ire, but he shares in it in the most tangential of ways.
] How delightfully unlike you. Why merc work? Couldn't find something corporate to line your pretty pockets with? At far as I am aware, mercenary work doesn't usually meet your preferred paygrade.

[ Which is closer to the real question, why are there men like Arthur for hire on an asteroid to begin with? ]
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[ Arthur shoots a side long glance at Eames at the question before shaking his head. ] Nah, they both ended up here as well. York works at a bar, not sure what Wash is up to.

[ There's no bitterness in his tone, just general relief at knowing where they are. York knows what Arthur used to do, as well, and it went - good, to say the least, telling her, but he doesn't mention that, not yet.

Eames' obvious glee gets Arthur snorting. ]
Laugh it up, asshole.

[ He touches his hand to the pistol holster reflexively before he speaks. ] Not a lot of corporations to be found here. Seems like it's all dirty and dirtier work. Merc groups trying to get on top of each other, and there's a queen bee, Aria - she runs a protection bracket on anyone new that arrives.

[ Quieter, more frustrated, ] Nothing legitimate I can fake at, no PASIV to go higher on, and I'm starting at the bottom. Hell, it was like learning to hack all over again when I worked on Sacrosanct.

[ He raises his hands, rubs the line of his brow. ] Not that you care. Basically, I had no choice but to start from bottom.
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[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-21 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
Good to hear. You two seemed to get on well. [ Eames is only peripherally aware of any entanglements that might include those three, but he's genuine in the sentiment. Having a support system in place is important for people, for Arthur, and regardless of how Arthur approached said support, York struck Eames as the kind of woman who could help Arthur without losing sight of herself or asking the world of him in return.

If Eames has some qualms with where Arthur usually choses to lay his loyalties? Well. That's another story for another day.

Laughter keeps us young. [ Offhanded, in that backhanded way of his. ( Implying, of course, that Arthur could use a little more laughter in his life. ) But it doesn't seem fair to continue picking at the younger man when he slips into his usual seriousness.

Scratching idly at his ear, Eames observes the subtle shifts in buildings and crowds that indicate they're moving into a more residential (for lack of a better word) area.
] Sounds like this Aria is the one to get close to, but likely you've already tried that. Barring extreme circumstances, there are advantages to finding yourself in unfamiliar situations. Where there's common ground, there lies solidarity.
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aria and moneypenny would get along tbh

[personal profile] soldad 2013-04-21 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
[ Arthur has a small laugh for Eames at the get on comment but nothing else.

He's been herding Eames towards the residential areas for the pure fact that they're a little quieter, a little safer. He keeps an eye out for varren. Actually. ]

If you see any really ugly alien dogs, let me handle it.

[ But after that passing comment, he tilts his head while looking at Eames. ]

Aria's more likely to shank me than let someone get close to her. And her group isn't recruiting.

[ He gives Eames a slightly squinty look, reminiscent of a certain extractor. If Eames is getting at something else, Arthur is missing it. ]

Everyone that's been dropped in here has been sticking together. For the most part, anyway.
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you could not have strung together a more frightening sentence

[personal profile] paisleythief 2013-04-21 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Watching his step, Eames gives Arthur a noncommittal shrug of his shoulders that just barely indicates he's heard him. Its not the best version of communication, but when has that ever been the case with them? Arthur is the second person to warn him away from the alien dogs, and Eames is in no position to jump into the fray- if he was ever of that disposition to begin with.

However, the shanking comment gets a modicum more of Eames' attention.
] Are the two mutually exclusive? [ He's joking... mostly. ] No one's roster is ever too full, if you've got the right skills to offer. Its just a matter of figuring which skills this Aria finds most useful- or lacking, in her current recruits.

[ The streets aren't foreign to Arthur, and he navigates them like a second thought, a peripheral, and Eames has to wonder why he's considering the merits of one merc group over another when they shouldn't be here in the first place. Shouldn't Arthur be trying to find his way back, not bandying about playing intergalactic space hero? ] Sticking together against what?
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[ Arthur shakes his head. ]

I've been profiling her. She's the most genuine person I've seen, in that she doesn't give a shit, just wants all the new people out of her way, and isn't looking to fill out her roster.

[ One person managed to get on her roster, and that was as trade for getting a working computer - and they're gone now. ]

And I'm not on her level. [ He's still learning how to hack and encrypt on everyone else's level, and he hates being behind but needs must and all that, and he can't afford to talk what he can't back up like Eames can.

Arthur hates to admit it but he's almost become complacent in his place right now. No one knows how they ended up here - there's not even a rift and the relay they came through is supposed to be broken. ]

The locals don't like us. It's worth sticking together.