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Welcome to the [community profile] outsiders test drive meme! You can use this post to tag with characters you're interested in bringing to the game or who you'd like to try out in the setting.

Please set all threads in one of three areas: the landing zone, where your character get off the shuttle upon arrival; the markets, where your character might run into any of the station's alien population; or in the residential district they'll be staying in.

φ Please give the name and canon of your character in the subject line! OCs and AUs are welcome.
φ You may use threads from this post as a log sample, so long as it has at least 5 of your comments in action tags or prose.
φ You can keep CR from this meme if both players agree to it OOCly, and so long as you keep interactions to these starting areas.
φ Apps open on 1/27; the game opens 2/2.
φ You can find more information on our setting here, and our navigation is here!
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[ All right, even if they're not aliens she's ever seen before, York isn't too worried about her own safety -- she's got combat armor and a gun, and she's had experience being dumped into unfamiliar and unfriendly places. But this girl -- she's just a kid, and she's not exactly dressed for the occasion. At best, she's probably confused and scared, and at worst, in danger of taking a few bullets. York catches up to her with a few easy strides, being a good head taller than Sandry, and reaches out to catch her by the shoulder. ]

Hey -- take it easy there, kiddo. Trust me, wherever you're from, they've never heard of it.
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hehe it's always good to find another fan of Tamora Pierce :3

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[ah! the sudden appearance of someone else startles Sandry. She whirls around and looks at this stranger with wide eyes. For a moment she's worried this is another guard, or perhaps someone more sinister. But no... This woman seems reasonable enough (although she does not appreciate being called a child in such a vulgar way).

I am so sorry York, you now have Sandry's undivided attention, and she is not giving up this fight easily.]

Then I suppose they have never heard of Emelan, governed by my Great Uncle Duke Vedris?

[mm... Okay, now she's feeling a little silly throwing her titles around, especially when no one seems to recognize their importance. Her cheeks might look a little pink at this point, and she gives a sharp sigh]

Very well then. If you would be so kind, I would appreciate if you could direct me to the leader of this... City. Whether this is some form of kidnapping or a gross misunderstanding, I would like to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.
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i still haven't read some of the more recent books in the series but ive always loved it OuO

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[ York actually laughs a little at that, but ruefully, because honestly, she kind of feels bad, breaking the truth to this girl. She gives her a little nudge with a nod, trying to guide her out of the crowded walkways, off to the side where they can talk relatively undisturbed. ]

Sorry, kid, they haven't. And neither have I. haven't been kidnapped, I promise. Not in so many words, anyway. This, uh...

[ York glances around, almost uneasily, trying to figure out how to put it into words. Nicely. ]

Wherever you're from? This isn't it. I mean -- it's not your world. It's not mine, either.
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they're great books! *^*

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[oh my, Sandry considers sanding her ground for a moment, but this woman seems to know more about the situation, so she follows.... WHILE STILL TRYING TO SEEM LIKE SHE'S IN CHARGE OF THIS CONVERSATION. She's kind of silly.]

Not my world? [she arches an eyebrow. Perhaps this woman was mad? She seemed quite present, but one could never be sure.] And how could someone go to another world? That sounds quite impossible.
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[ It might not be the time or the place, but Sandry's insistence is kind of endearing to York. The girl's got some guts, that's for sure, and York likes that. But right now, she's a little more concerned about the fact that they're in a hub of criminal activity. ]

Honestly, I couldn't tell you how it works. I don't understand it myself. But somehow, it's definitely possible. It's,'s happened to me before.

[ York smooths her hand over her hair, looking almost sheepish. ]

I got yanked from my world to another place, kinda like this, but...way less people. About eight months, I was there, and then I wake up and find myself here. And this place -- well, I don't know if it's worse, but it's definitely got teeth.
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[personal profile] weaves 2013-01-24 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
[well that's... a trip. Sandry isn't completely sure if she believes her, but this woman seems honest and upright. The least she can do is take her and her story seriously. But she's still pretty riled up ad on a warpath]

Very well then. If what you're saying is true, then we'll have to find whoever is in charge of this strange practice.

[a wry grin forms] Surely we'll be able to reason with this person.
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[ ohh kiddo you're precious and York likes you already. She really does. But have you noticed all of the dangerous mercenaries and guns? They won't think you're so cute. York gives her a half-smile, shaking her head. ]

That's the thing, though. I don't think anyone's really in charge of this. It's just like -- some strange phenomenon. It just happens. Don't think anybody's really in control of it, or doin' it on purpose.

[ They hadn't ever really understood how much control Hypatia had had over the rift at Sacrosanct, either, and York won't pretend to know she understands. She crouches down a little, dropping down closer to Sandry's height with a quick glance around. ]

You obviously know how to handle yourself, I can see that. You're a smart girl. But this place -- you ever hear the phrase "den of thieves"?